Hostetter Counseling recognizes that there are moments in life when intentional support is needed. Through individual and couples sessions, we seek to provide an environment where deeper awareness can be gained and realistic strategies can be practiced to progress forward in your life's goals.  Each counselor takes time with you to understand your strengths and current struggles in experiencing the fullness of life.  


Initial Therapy Session

Every counseling relationship starts off with an initial therapy session. At this first appointment you will be invited to share what motivated you to seek out counseling as well as ask any questions about the therapeutic process. During the initial session, you will be provided with paperwork that will explain the importance of confidentiality and your rights as a client. Your counselor will also take time to ask questions about you, so that they may get to know you better. 

Individual Therapy 

Our primary approach to counseling is an individual session involving you and your therapist. This type of session is a great opportunity to explore the struggles that you are currently experiencing and work to gain insight into barriers, strengths, and potential outcomes for better personal health.  These sessions are typically scheduled for 50 minutes.


Anger Management Assessment

Our counselors are proficient in providing assessments for anger management counseling as often required by legal or employment entities. We address anger management through individual sessions in which we will walk with you through a 12-lesson curriculum, which is completed at the pace of the client. Upon completion, a letter recommending or not recommending treatment is provided to the client for compliance with the recommendation for assessment.

Drug & Alcohol Assessment

Joshua Hostetter, MA, LPC is a certified drug and alcohol counselor with the state of Pennsylvania, and provides assessment for those personally seeking help, or those required by some legal entity. During this assessment, substance use history and present use will be assessed and a letter recommending or not recommending treatment will be provided to the client if it is required. Drug and alcohol counseling will be completed in an individual counseling setting, unless otherwise recommended.


Family Counseling

Gina Griffin, MA is trained and has experience working with families of all ages to assist them in relating well with one another. Through family counseling, families will work in together in 75 minute session addressing relational connections and developing healthy strategies to build positive and productive home environments for parents and children.

Couple's Therapy Session

Using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) techniques, our couple's therapy sessions seek to assist couples in identifying the barriers to their ability to connect deeply with one another. Sessions include both the couple and their therapist and are intentional about having consistent dialogue between the clients. The therapist does not take sides, but does work with the couple so that they both feel heard. This is achieved by having the couple practice empathy and active listening while in the session. Couples are encouraged to read “Hold Me Tight” as a part of this therapeutic work. Couples counseling is typically scheduled for 75 minute sessions.


Christine Dehmey, MA, LPC is qualified and trained in providing this pre-marital counseling curriculum. PREPARE/ENRICH is a customized couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple's strengths and growth areas. Upon completion of the assessment, Christine will help a couple understand the results and utilize exercises to help improve their relationship skills. If needed, a letter of assessment and completion will be provided to the couple for their officiant. 

Faith-Based Counseling

We offer Christian faith-informed therapy. We call this Faith-Based Counseling because it is unique from biblical counseling, in which client issues are typically compared and contrasted with Scripture, and yet is more involved than counseling simply informed by Christian values. Faith-based therapy is rooted in biblical truths and presence-based awareness of God, all within the therapy process. Joshua is an Ordained Minister, Gina is a Minister and both have years of experience incorporating faith into their psychological understanding. TJ and Christine have both received training under Christian counseling programs and bring their faith practice to their work as well.


Fee-for-Service Counseling

Fee-for-Service Counseling may be a great option for you when you find a therapist you'd like to work with, yet he or she is not in-network with your insurance.  Although this means a greater financial commitment from you, it does come with several benefits that might be worth the additional out-of-pocket expense. By choosing fee-for-service counseling, you are putting yourself in control of your treatment by being able to choose the therapist you want to see instead of being placed on a waiting list, which many in-network providers utilize.  You also have the benefit of receiving higher quality care, as the counselor is not dictated by additional time-consuming insurance documentation. The minimal reporting to outside sources also provides a greater level of privacy and confidentiality when dealing with your protected healthcare information. 

Another option to consider with fee-for-service counseling is that of out-of-network benefits.  Not all insurance plans have this benefit, however plans which do provide this coverage can often make counseling just as affordable as seeing an in-network provider.  You can find out whether your insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits simply by calling the customer service number on your insurance card and following the prompts to learn your benefit information from the automated system.

We trust this information is helpful to you and ask that you give us a call if you would like more information on whether or not Hostetter Counseling is the best fit for you.

Thank you!